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Empowering First Nations: Elevating Employee Benefits and Beyond

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Authentic Financial Solutions Inc. is Sault Ste Marie’s trusted advisory firm, dedicated to addressing the unique employee benefit and pension needs of First Nations peoples and bands in Ontario. At Authentic Financial Solutions Inc., we offer access to unique plans designed to cater to the distinct requirements of Indigenous communities.

Understanding the Challenge

Employee benefits are competitive, and navigating through multiple carriers can add complexity to the process. For First Nations communities, this challenge is compounded by the responsibility to provide wellness initiatives, healthcare, education, community wellness programs, and more, often resting on Band Administration and Chief and Councils.

Gaps in Employee Assistance and Health Programs

With the evolving landscape, including the de-listing of benefits and services from the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) - Non-Insured Health Benefit (NIHB) program and the "capping" of provincial healthcare availability, there is a notable shift of responsibility to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals. This is where we come in. We navigate available funding and apply it to the benefit and pension programs.

Benefitting First Nation Bands

Employee benefit programs can support addressing the specific needs and aspirations of Indigenous people and their communities. These programs typically encompass individual health benefits, extended health benefit plans, critical illness coverage, dental insurance, drug coverage, comprehensive life insurance, and even pension programs. It's imperative to bridge the gap and provide solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of First Nations communities.


Our Commitment

At Authentic Financial Solutions, we are committed to working closely with First Nations bands to revolutionize how employee benefit and pension needs are met, all while safeguarding contract strength and Treaty rights. We help navigate the costs and apply for

federal funding to support the installation of such programs and are the go-to for continued support in keeping these programs in place for band members and more. This continuous approach ensures that we can offer the highest level of support to Indigenous communities.

Our comprehensive services include:

· Underwriting: Assessing and managing risk for your benefit plans.

· Claims Adjudication: Fair and efficient claims processing.

· Claim Payment: Timely disbursement of benefits.

· Administration Support: Streamlining the administrative burden.

· Premium Billing: Hassle-free premium management.

Empowering through managed support

Authentic Financial Solutions Inc. is here to help by:

· Streamlining Administration: Making benefit management more efficient.

· Re-tooling Benefit Design & Needs: Adapting as required to meet evolving needs.

· Changing Behaviors: Encouraging responsible and sustainable healthcare usage to control future benefit costs.

But, how?

We work with the First Nations bands through providing an internal audit at no cost, completely free of charge, to the band to review the current plans that are in place. By providing Authentic Financial Solutions Inc. with the opportunity to review, we can assess the value and services our advisory firm can provide. We determine areas of improvement to make sure the programs in place are being utilized to the fullest potential and that everything is in good working order to serve the First Nations band the best it can. This can look like:

· Confirming employee information is kept up to date.

· Ensuring plan costs are optimized.

· Determining charges and other fees fit within the program needs.

We believe that by working together, we can create a future where Indigenous communities and First Nations bands have the proper access and funding available for comprehensive employee benefits and pension programs while preserving inherent rights and traditions.


It is our hope that the work we do aids in making a difference in the world of employee benefits and pensions for First Nation communities in Ontario. If you have any questions or would like to explore how we can assist your community, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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